are you sick of the deer eating all your hard work?
Have you been battling the deer in your garden with:
  • Sprays: That never work
  • Weird Tips: Green soap, human hair...I've heard it all
  • Stress: You're not alone, get help now!
I'm Michelle Andersen, leading expert in deer resistant landscaping. After twenty years of perfecting my methods, I put them all in one place,  deerproofingexperts.com, but YOU can get my TOP TIPS on this FREE Tip sheet NOW by clicking below.
you can have an absolutely deer resistant garden!
You may not know where to begin, I help people with that.
top shrubs
In my tip sheet I share five fail proof shrubs that you'll want in your landscape.
top perennials
Learn my top deer resistant perennials that I use all time in deer infested areas.
top annuals
Get my top five deer resistant annual selections that are also drought tolerant.
key info
Arm yourself with my few key tips that most people ignore for a stress free garden.
do you need easy tips you can apply today? 
Are you busy and need some quick answers to keep the deer off your plants? All my deer proof methods help you:
  • Relax More: Save time by not having to spray plants
  • Lower Stress: Work WITH the deer instead of AGAINST them
  • Savings: Save money by telling you what to plant
  • Empower: Set you up to plan a totally deer resistant garden
I believe beauty leads to freedom. Think about it - if you are surrounded by beautiful things, you are more likely to feel peace. That's why I want to take the stress out of your deer issues. I can help you create a low maintenance garden that's totally beautiful, too.
how do my tips make your yard deer resistant?
Let me tell you!
Years Experience perfecting my method
Deer Resistant Landscape Installations
Years installing completely deer proof landscapes
Clients with deer proof yards
Testimonial: Joe Neff, Owner, Botanics Landscaping
'I have used Michelle Andersen's guide for deerproofing with various clients. It has been very  helpful for several years in ensuring that the plants will sustain in areas where the deer are very prolific. 

I have had no complaints, just success.'

The left shows a home installed by Botanics Landscaping in a deer heavy area.
  • Major outdoor renovation to historic home
  •  Created year round interest
  •  Deer resistant plant pallet
I can teach you the EXACT methods I use to keep the deer completely away from all my plants and my clients' plants.

There IS a solution. 

If you use my tips to work WITH the deer instead of AGAINST them, you can have a full, lovely garden all year round.
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